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Pacific Beaches Full Day Tour.

We offer tours to the following Pacific beaches: Champerico, Tulate and Tilapita.  All three beaches have black volcanic sand, large waves and are 2-3 hours from Xela.  There are simple restaurants serving fresh seafood and other dishes on the beach.  Champericco is the closest beach to Xela, Tulate is on a small barrier island, Tilapita is located in a mangrove reserve on a small barrier island and has a small sea turtle project.  We can arrange for a boat tour through the mangroves. 

Bring: camera, bathing suit, towel, insect repellent and sunscreen.
Includes: private roundtrip transportation, guide, and boat crossings.
There are simple hotels at all three beaches where it is possible to spend the night.

 Price: day trip 2 people 50$USD Per person

3+people 35$USD per person


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